My Handsome Bug-a-Boo

Have you ever hit your lowest point and wondered if it was all worth it? I have, and let me tell you its a very dark lonely place. For weeks and weeks I had to muster up the strength for even the simplest of tasks. The only place I found comfort was within the four walls of my rarely clean room, I was held together with glue and I could feel myself unraveling. That was until April 2015 when I met the tiny black and white kitten my friends wacky ass neighbor had. Maybe it was because my tiny brain couldn’t comprehend how it was possible for something to be so small,or because it had been so long since I had felt needed, but adopting that little fur ball saved my life, taking care of him gave me a purpose. Here is this living, breathing creature small enough to fit in my palm and the only person he cared about was me, and I him. We ate together, shared my small bed, watched TV, you name it we did it. I even put him on a little harness so he could run around outside while I read. Something in this world needed me, depended on me to take care of him and that’s what I needed to get through. I still have my bad days, my days where its just impossible to get up, my days where talking to someone is enough to make me wanna curl up and die, but they’re fewer and far between. They say that we rescue the animals, but really they rescue us.